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"Oftentimes I find myself in the habit of writing." - Kaladia B. Chaney

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An Even Balance

An Even Balance is an inspirational collection of poems and enlightening encounters, written from the heart, that I’ve had the joy of experiencing during my lifetime.  This collection was motivated by my drive to find a balance that would birth a sense of wholeness and satisfaction for being alive. 

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Poetry Collection

This collection was birthed out of my life experiences. Some from being amid it, while others were merely through observation but close enough to feel the weight of it. They are expressions of the colorful experience we call life. My desire is that you enjoy them for just that.

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Dec. 1, 2022

An Even Balance:  Reflection Journal

This reflection journal to An Even Balance is a means to take you deeper in experiencing fulfillment in life because I promise you it takes intentional work. Settle that once and for all. You will have to expend extensive effort to shift your journey to living the life you desire. We must also settle in our minds that it is all worth it. We will explore various wisdom lessons shared in each poem and chapter in "An Even Balance" through questions and relatable thoughts that will transport us inward. Gather a pen, and extra paper for potential overflow set your focus, and prepare to travel into places that these concepts trigger in your present and how we should approach insightful living as He makes himself known to us. I encourage you to take deep breaths to hold yourself steady along the way.

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Jan. 1, 2023

Here and Now Living

We were created to live life Here on the earth and experience the fullness of that life Now, while we are yet alive, in abundance till it flows over into the lives of those around us through our daily Living. We are called to live joyful and yet responsible lives.  It's what Father-God, the Creator had in mind. This can only happen through being intentional about how we do life. I am thankful that this is cultivated as we experience real growth from within. May we patiently grow while on this journey, mastering the lessons presented to us in every area of our lives. May we rest in the truth that God knows what is best for us. May our souls declare, "Nevertheless, Father, not our will but Your will be done."



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Available in 2023

Let me be Me!

Being reflective should be a daily practice. Let's create a space where we put away the mask and peel back the layers of perceptions placed on us through others and life's circumstances. You've seen and felt glimpses of your authentic self. Times where you were joyful, at peace, centered, focused. awed. Those places and times where you felt alive and present. This is where our freedom lies. Let's develop a space where this continuity can flow. Join me on a journey that can lead to living the life of a lifetime!

The Habit of Writing:  A Poetry Collection

The Habit of Writing: A Poetry Collection


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