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Are you Wearing your PPE?

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

You've undoubtedly heard the acronym "PPE" quite a bit over the past several weeks or more. For many of you, like me, I had no idea what they were referring to. It may be due to the fact that I have never had to possess one or more than likely because I was listening with half an ear, as in, not giving my full attention to the context in which it was being used. In any case, PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment.
My husband was able to explain this to me as in his field of work he was always required to "suit up" in varying PPE when entering nuclear, solar, and power plants. Today all frontline responders are needing to have on extensive PPE to prevent or at least to attempt to reduce the spread of the coronavirus when assisting infected patience.
So how about you? Are you in full gear? Are you wearing your spiritual PPE to prevent the infection of fear that is currently spreading ramped all over the globe? If not, there is good news! God's word has us covered. In Ephesians, Paul wrote to the church at Ephesus to encourage them in the faith by expounding on character traits of Christian conduct. As he comes to a close, he leaves the saints with this final admonishment beginning at verse 10 in chapter 6 to arm themselves for the battle. Paul starts with a call for strength in the Lord and the power of His might derived from courage as we put on the whole armor of God.
Each piece of our PPE is prescribed along with key descriptors of location and function. The truth is to be worn around our waist to protect our most vulnerable part (our soul) - against sensual temptation – warping our personal integrity. The breastplate of righteousness protects our heart (our spirit) to remain in right relationship with God - warding off condemnation. The preparation of the gospel of peace strapped about our feet, tell us that we should be ready to share God with others at all times. The shield of faith to diffuse the fiery darts of the wicked that are aimed at our confidence to believe God. The helmet of salvation to protect our mind from thoughts contrary to the knowledge of Christ. The sword of the Spirit (the spoken word of God) released out of the mouth of a believer proclaim victories for the advancement of God's kingdom.
As are the weapons of our warfare being not carnal but are mighty through God, likewise, truth, peace, faith, salvation, the word of God makes up our spiritual armor (our PPE) that must be maintained and worn at all time for protection while engaging in spiritual battle.

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