“We need quiet time to examine our lives openly and honestly - spending quiet time alone gives your mind an opportunity to renew itself and create order.”      

   Susan L. Taylor 



Being intentional is a practice of the self-disciplines. It is powerful and indeed necessary. Intentionality works within the pendulum of our existence for both the “good and the bad”. The dynamics of humanity is contoured in such a way that we cannot afford the luxury to indulge in too much passivity in the name of rest and relaxation over our lifetime.

Being intentional can be detrimental when executed from a morally unsatiated position. For example, when we take proper care of our health based on its original design, we are being intentional – we are expending effort to complete activities that are beneficial to our bodies. We are contributing to the well-being of society and even civilization when we practice nutritional rich eating. On the other hand, when we take on a consistently unconscious attitude about our health (note, we are always the decision makers over our lives), negating to consider the consequences of poor eating habits, based on an imbalance of societal programing as well as individual genetic make-up, we are doing the very opposite. We are then robbing from the well-being of society so on and so forth. We have elected to become a part of the contour of humanity that perpetuates problems oppose to that which proactively creates long-term solutions.

Just think, what if the majority of doctor visits were ones of maintenance and basic checkups? Them sending the larger percent of their clients home with a clean bill of health and a “keep up the great work” sticker at the top of it! That indeed would be an effective doctor as he or she would be a part of the solution! People would schedule doctor’s appointments with a light heart and a smile on their face! Doctors could then be more focused on the sustaining of life and becoming more efficient at it thereby increasing the overall quality of life and establishing legacies that speak of our existence in a promising light.

The wonderful thing is that we can begin now, right from the comfort of our own lives! The baton has always been in our hands. We simply have to intentionally choose to grip it tight and run with it.

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