“We need quiet time to examine our lives openly and honestly - spending quiet time alone gives your mind an opportunity to renew itself and create order.”      

   Susan L. Taylor 


People Need Connection

I wrote this post in response to a FB post graphic that shared a quote from L. R. Knost (shown below on the right) and created the graphic on the left. Mainly to share the fact that this need for connection is for life. Our need for connection with one another is ongoing. It is at the core of our makeup. We were designed this way to ensure that we donot attempt to do life alone. You see

how quick that was! My point is not to take away from the truth of his point but to extend it over one’s life span. I wrote this a reminder that it does not stop when your child turns 18 or gets married or goes off the path that you started them on. Sure it may evolve over that time but the principle of it should never change. This is true throughout a human beings life. (Covering all types of relationships - marriage, friendships, neighbors, coworkers, etc.). We need connection which is why when the closest people in our lives are no longer connected to us be it disagreement, distance, dispute, divorce, and or death we struggle with what we perceive it to mean. Learning to understand that these disconnection decisions have nothing to do with us when we are on the receiving end is a game changer. Likewise, we must NOT find ourselves guilty of blaming (pointing to) others for the reason we are deciding to be on the giving end either.❤️

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